What is PoE Extender? How does it works?

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As we all know, Power over Ethernet (PoE) provides a convenient and cost-effective method of implementing power and data connections on a single connection. But because it is an Ethernet channel, it is greatly limited by the distance of 100m. Therefore, PoE extension is extremely important to enable remote Ethernet deployments. In this article, you can find:

  What is poe extender?
  What's the difference between poe extender and ethernet extender?
  Advantages of Using PoE Extender.
  How to Power PoE Extender?

What is poe extender:

A PoE (Power over Ethernet) Extender is a device used to extend the range of a PoE network beyond the typical 100-meter limitation. It allows a single Ethernet cable to carry both data and power, making it ideal for remote locations where an electrical outlet is not available or proximity to the power source is impossible. The PoE extender receives power from the first PoE switch or injector, amplifies the power, and then passes it on to the second device. This technology eliminates the need for extra cabling, making it more cost-effective and efficient.

Poe extender vs ethernet extender

PoE (Power over Ethernet) extender is a device that allows you to extend both data and power signals over a single Ethernet cable. It is commonly used in situations where power outlets are not available, and PoE-enabled devices like security cameras, access points, and VoIP phones need to extend beyond the standard range of an Ethernet cable.

Ethernet extender, on the other hand, is a device that extends the range of an Ethernet network beyond the standard 100 meters limit. It allows you to use your existing copper wiring within the building to connect remote locations up to 1km away, and it does not provide power to the end devices.

In summary, the primary difference between PoE extender and Ethernet extender is that one provides both data and power, while the other only extends the network's data range.


Advantages of PoE Extender

1. Increased network coverage: A Poe extender helps to extend the coverage area of your network beyond the traditional 100-meter limit.

2. Cost-effective solution: Rather than having to add additional Ethernet switches or access points to accommodate the extended distance, a PoE extender is a more cost-effective solution.

3. Easy installation: Poe extenders can be easily installed, often requiring only a single Ethernet cable to connect it to the network.

4. Optimized power distribution: PoE extenders can optimize power distribution over long distances, ensuring that power is delivered efficiently.

5. High bandwidth support: Poe extenders can support high-bandwidth applications, such as video streaming and VoIP, providing reliable performance across longer distances.

6. Compatibility with PoE devices: Most PoE extenders are compatible with all PoE-compliant devices, making them a versatile option for extending network coverage.

How to power a PoE extender?
There are several ways to power a PoE extender.
• Using a PoE switch: If the transmitter is connected to a PoE switch capable of supplying up to 50W to the PoE transmitter, the PoE switch can power the transmitter, receiver, and powered devices connected to the receiver.
• Power Source: PoE Extender can also be powered using a 52v 1.25a power adapter. 

With the growing needs of the market, we also develop poe extender and ethernet extender for customers to choose. Both requires no configuration. Just plug and play.

And for poe extender, we have 3 network medis for you to choose, which is BNC, RJ45 and twisted pair. You can select according to your needs and application.


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