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4-Port Gigabit EPON OLT With 4-Port Gigabit RJ45 Uplink +4 SFP Slots

4-Port 10/100/1000M EPON OLT
With 4-Port 10/100/1000M RJ45 Uplink +4 SFP Slots
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The OLT-E2004S series is a high integrated, medium capacity box ERON OLT switching equipment for the operator access and enterprise park network.The product follows IEEE802.3ah technical standard and meets the requirements of EPON OLT equipment in "YD/T 1475-2006 access network technical requirements". It has good openness, large capacity, high reliability and complete software functions. It is widely used in the construction of network coverage, special network construction, enterprise network park access and other access network construction。



 EPON:OLT follows the technical standard of IEEE802.3ah and China telecom. (YD/T 1475-2006)

 Capacity: Each PON supports up to 64 terminals, the whole device supports up to 256 ONUs under full configuration.

 Uplink: support electrical and optical modules, can be flexibly configured according to different networking.

 Dimension: 1U cassette save space, low power consumption and save cost.

 Optical Line Protection: support automatically switch when the line is debug.

 High reliability: supports dual power supply(Default single power supply).



 Aggregation layer switch. Layer wire-speed forwarding, support for rich layer protocol.

 16K MAC address table.

 4uplink ports, port aggregation through the largest available 4G uplink bandwidth.

 Complete network management functions

 Support flexible DBA, up and down traffic speed.

 Support IP ToS, IEEE802.1Q

 Port-based traffic control, traffic shaping.

 Support ONU automatic identification, auto-discovery, and auto-registration.

 Single link to support the automatic loop-back test function.

 VLAN powerful features, including VLAN Stacking, Trunk, Translation.

 Flexible and controllable multicast support, support IGMP snooping.

 Support ACL

configuration parameter:
Model OLT-E2004S
DDR 512M
Size (L*W*H) Product size:442mm×260mm×44mm
Package size:520mm×372mm×87mm
Weight <5kg
Uplink QTY 8
Copper 4*10/100/1000Mauto-negotiable,RJ45
SFP 4 SFP slots
PhysicalInterface 4 SFP slots
Connector Type 1000BASE-PX20+
Max splitting ratio 1:64
Management Ports 1*10/100/1000Mauto-negotiable outband port 1CONSOLE port
Power Input AC: 100V~240V AC 47/63Hz
DC: -36V~-72V DC
Support standard IEEE 802.3ah EPON
IEEE802.1x(Port Control)
Each OLT interface supports at most 64 ONU;
Transmission distance of each OLT is at most 20Km
PON function Support auto register and confirm
Blacklist and whitelist onu
DBA configure
Layer 2 function VLAN,QinQ,link convergency, broadcast strom control
Support at most 4094 VLAN;performance statistic;
16K MAC address;mac address management
Port mirror
Security Limit quantity of maximum user at each port
Port violation
Packe storm control
ACL access control based on data stream
Encrytion of PON port transmitting data
Support 802.1X authentication
Configuration andManagement SNMP
CLI, SNMP, TELNET,cluster etc.
RMON v1, 1,2,3,9 groups
Software and bootrom upgrade by TFTP and FTP
Local server syslog to record system log
Chinese/English command prompt
Ping and  traceroute
Lightning Service port has lightning protection
Maintenance Telnet remote maintenance
Temperature -20℃~50℃
Humidity 5%~95%
EPON OLT Application in Security Monitoring