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Ethernet Extender


* Support Cat 5/5E / coaxial cable / twisted line
* Ethernet signal can be extended to 500 meters
* One pair use
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Description Product parameters: Wiring diagram:


Ethernet Extender with LRE technology extends the Ethernet signal to 500 meters through Cat 5/5e, without any intermediate device, The equipment provides a local connection port(LAN) and 1 long range  port(LRE).The exthernet extender must be used in a pair, extends the the 100M Ethernet signal toas far as 500 meters through a Cat 5/5e / coaxial cable / twisted line.

PRODUCT Features:
1. through a standard Cat 5/5E / Coaxial Cable / Twisted line ethernet signal can be extended to 500 meters
2. compatible with standard Ethernet products
3. rate is up to 100M, the transmission distance can reach 500 meters.
4. short circuit and overload protection surge protection
5. Plug and play.

LAN interface RJ45                                                  
speed 10/100M
distance 100 meters
interface RJ45 / BNC/ 2-wire terminal
speed 10/100M
distance 500 meters
Standard IEEE802.3 10base-t  IEEE802.3U 100base-t
Power supply Input voltage 12VDC 0.5a
size Long*wide*high 108 x 60 x 30 mm
Environmental specification operation temperature 0° -70°C
Storage temperature -40° -85°C
operation humidity 10% -90%
operation height 10,000ft
Radiation and security Radiation CE mark,commercial
FCC Part 15 Class A
EN 55022 (CISPR 22),Class A
security EN 55024
Guarantee   1 year
Packing Package content Exthernet extender 1 pair
12v 0.5A power supply
The product specification
Warranty card certificate