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L2 Managed Switch

48 Ports Full Gigabit L2/L3-Managed Ethernet Switch

Item No.: ES2000-48G-4FM
48*10/100/1000M  Ethernet Switch
4*10/100/1000M SFP Port
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Description Overview Specifications
ES2000-48G-4FM has 52 ports full Gigabit enterprise class multi-functional Ethernet network L2 management switch independently developed by GXCOM. It is specially designed for enterprise customers to optimize and enhance the design and has higher reliability. The device adopts Realtek new generation high-performance platform and GXCOM new self-developed switch system, supports flexible 802.1Q VLAN, IGMP, port monitoring, port aggregation, bandwidth control, ring application and other network management functions, and easily adapts to the current complex network application environment.
- Main Features
>>Provide 48*10/100/1000M RJ45 adaptive ports, all of which can realize line speed forwarding.
>> Provide 4 Gigabit SFP photoelectric multiplexing uplink ports for high-speed uplink transmission.
>> It supports the combination of multiple types of ports to facilitate users' flexible networking and meet          the networking requirements of various scenarios;
>> Each port supports MDI / mdix automatic flip and duplex / rate self negotiation.
>> Support IEEE 802.3x full duplex flow control and backpressure half duplex flow control.

- Full Gigabit access
Provides 48 10/100/1000M adaptive RJ45 port, all the ports have the line speed forwarding capacity; provide 4 independent Gigabit SFP (Mini GBIC) expansion slot optical fiber module, fully protect user investment, convenient and flexible.
- Comprehensive safety protection system
Simple operation, simplifying the management of network; combination of ARP attack protection function, completely solve the network ARP spoofing attacks; support port security, can limit the number of port MAC address, MAC address effective defense attack; support DoS attack protection, effectively guarantee the network security
- Powerful VLAN capabilities
IEEE, 802.1Q, VLAN, meet the needs of different users, make the network more convenient, efficient and safe
- Rich QoS strategy
3 priority modes based on port, IEEE802.1p and DSCP to guarantee the priority processing of key business data; support traffic control function, and can reasonably allocate bandwidth
- Multilevel access control policy
Powerful hardware ACL capacity, support L2~L4 data stream classification; easy network monitoring, traffic regulation, priority weight markers and data forwarding control; support time based ACL control, easy to realize the time accurate access control needs; support port and MAC 802.1x based authentication based on user access, easy setup.
- Reliability design
STP/RSTP/MSTP two layer link protection technology, greatly improve the ability of fault tolerance, redundancy link, to ensure stable operation of the network; provide static convergence and dynamic aggregation of two kinds of convergence pattern, effectively increase the link bandwidth, improve link reliability, while achieving load balancing, link backup; support multicast management, through the IGMP Snooping technology, effective inhibition of multicast overload caused by network congestion.
- Secure network management and maintenance
CLI command line (Console, Telnet), Web network, SNMP (V1/V2c/V3, SSH (V1/V2) and other management methods, to achieve fast and convenient network management; support user identity classification, filtering and other functions, enhanced security configuration; support port data monitoring, real-time monitoring of network status, to easily achieve the global unified management of the network, convenient flexible.

Model ES2000-48G-4FM
Port 48*10/100/1000M
4*1Gb optic fiber SFP
Management port 1*Console
Reset KEY 1
bandwidth 128Gbps
Packet forwarding 40.32Mpps
RAM 128M
Buffer 4.1M
Transmission mode Store and forward
LED indicator PWR:Power LED
SYS:(System LED)
1~48(Link LED=10/100M Link,1000M=Gigabit Link
49-52:(SFP LED
Environmental working temperature : 0℃~50℃
Storage temperature : -40℃~70℃
Operating humidity : 10%~90% Non coagulation
Storage humidity : 5%~95% Non coagulation
Product size 440(L)*360(W)*45(H)mm
Packaging size 515(L)*375(W)*97(H)mm
Weight 5.5kg
Power Supply Built-in AC 100~240V 50/60hz
Management Features
standards IEEE 802.3x
IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.3u,IEEE 802.3ab,IEEE 802.3z
IEEE 802.3ad
IEEE 802.3q ,IEEE 802.3q/p
IEEE 802.1w,IEEE 802.1d ,EEE 802.1S
MAC Address 8K MAC addresses ;MAC address learning and aging
VLAN 4k VLANS;Port-based VLANs;802.1Q VLAN
Spanning Tree STP(Spanning Tree Protocol)
RSTP/MSTP( Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol)
EPPS ring network protocol
EAPS ring network protocol
802.1x argumentation agreement
Link Aggregation Max 8 aggregation groups, each supports 8 ports
Static aggregation and dynamic aggregation
Port Mirror Many-to-one port mirroring
Loop Guard Loop protection function, real-time detection, rapid alarm, accurate positioning, intelligent blocking, automatic recovery
Isolation Support downlink ports isolated from each other and communicate with upstream port
Port flow control Half duplex based back pressure control
Full duplex based on PAUSE frames
line rate Support port based input / output bandwidth management
IGMP Snooping IGMP v1/2/3 and MLDv1/2 Snooping
GMRP protocol registration
Multicast address management, multicast VLAN, multicast routing ports, static multicast addresses
Storm suppression Unknown unicast, multicast, unknown multicast, storm suppression of broadcast type
Storm suppression based on bandwidth tuning and storm filtering
Security User port+IP address+MAC
ACL based on IP and MAC
Security properties of port based MAC address quantities
QoS 802.1p port queue priority algorithm
Cos/Tos,QOS sign
WRR (Weighted Round Robin),Weighted priority rotation algorithm
WRR,SP,WFQ,3 priority scheduling models
Port Auto-MDIX ; Auto negotiation
system maintenance Upgrade package upload;system log view
WEB restore factory configuration
Management and maintenance WEB NMS
Remote configuration and maintenance using Telnet