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FTTX Reverse POE Switch

9- Port 10/100M Reverse POE Switch

9-PORT Reversed POE Switch for ISP industry
Port1-8 for PoE In, One port is  for PoE out,
Dc12v output
Support fixed vlan
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9 port 10/100M reverse poe Ethernet switch


The ES100-8PD  Reverse Power over Ethernet (Reverse PoE for short) is an industry-leading remote multi dwelling unit (MDU) launched by GXCOM, which, facilitates power supply for installation in corridors, providing broadband network access for families and small to medium enterprises by using category-5 cables routed in the building. The ES100-8PD Reverse PoE is a box-type device, providing 1 uplink ports and eight LAN user ports, and is powered by the power sourcing equipment (PSE) deployed in users' residences. The ES100-8PD Reverse PoE is applied in scenarios where there is no alternating current (AC) power supply in corridors, featuring easy installation and maintenance, broad temperature range, low power consumption, mute design, high stability, environment-friendlily, and energy conservation.


  1. With 8 reverse incoming poe ports ,the 9th port can be switched between poe output and non-poe
  2. Working with 24-48vdc reverse poe compliant PSE, expands FTTX network
  3. Support Loop detect function,  led indicates loop state
  4. Output 12vdc power supply via dc jack, which can be supplied to ONT
  5. The 9th port as PSE can supply another reverse poe switch with power supply.
  6. Support Green Ethernet
  7. Plug and play
  8. Mental shell help to dissipate  heat

What This Product Does
ES100-8PD Reverse PoE Switch with 8-Port PoE provides the seamless network connection. It integrates 100Mbps    Fast Ethernet network capabilities. Port1-8 for PoE In, Port 8 PoE out. Support 24-48V Passive PoE compliant PSD and PD.

Jack output :12vdc
Switch configure :
ON: the 9th port is set as a PSE port, usually the 9th connects to the next reverse poe switch.
OFF: the 9th port is set as a non-poe port, usually the 9th port connects to the ONT.





POE Pd  port 1-8 port
pin 45+,78-
Poe voltage 15-48VDC
  Pse port Uplink (configured  by switch)
Ethernet port   RJ45
speed 10/100Mbps
distance 100 meters
power ouput output 12vdc 2A
interface 5.5*2.1 dc  line
backband 1.8G
forward Storage forward
standard IEEE802.3 10bae-t
IEEE802.3U 100base-t
protection over current protection,over voltage protection,short protection
size Length*width*height 108 x 60 x 30 mm
environment Operating  temp 0° -40°C
Storage temp -40° -70°C
Operating humidity 10%-90%
Storage humidity     5%-90%
Radiation and safety Radiation CE  mark, commercial
FCC Part 15 Class A
EN 55022 (CISPR 22),Class A
safety EN 55024
Guarantee machine One year
package content Poe switch
Product manual
Guarantee card