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FTTX Reverse POE Switch

8G+2SFP 10 Port FTTx gigabit 24v Reverse POE Switch

Passive gigaibt Reversed POE Switch for ISP industry
Port1-7 for PoE In, One port is  for PoE out, With 2 SFP Slots
Dc12v output
Support fixed vlan
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      Gdpoenet Reverse PoE technology has intelligent power management features to provide a centralized, uninterrupted outdoor PoE solution for FTTx ISP/WISP project. It builds a multi-user sharing network to reduce the cost for WISP in rural area. It also provides an eco-friendly solution, once one of the users initiates a network request, the ISP device is awakened to provide a timely and uninterrupted network service, while there is no request from end-users, the device turns to sleep mode and does not consume electricity. 

* Port 1-7 for PoE In,Port 8 for PoE Out.
* Support fixed vlan
* Support 24v-48v Passive PoE compliant PSD and PD.
*  Output 12vdc power supply via dc jack, which can be supplied to ONT 
*  Plug and play
* Support Green Ethernet



Product Model ES1000-8GPD ES1000-8GPD-2F ES1000-16GPD
POE port PoE in : 1-7 port
PoE out: 8 Port
PoE in : 1-7 port
PoE out: 8 Port
PoE in : 1-15 port
PoE out: 16 Port
pin 45+,78- 45+,78- 45+,78-
Poe voltage 24-48V 24-48V 24-48V
speed 8 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Ports 8 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Ports 16 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Ports
distance 100 meters
power ouput 12vdc
standard IEEE802.3 10bae-t
IEEE802.3U 100base-t
IEEE802.3U 1000base-t
Fan Quantity Fan Quantity
Dimensions ( LxW )  125*60*27mm 220x105*28mm 295*195*45mm
Switching Capacity
Packet Forwarding Rate
MAC Address Table 4K 8K 8K
Packet Buffer Memory 1.5Mb 4.1Mb 4.1Mb
Jumbo Frame 15KB 15KB 15KB
PAckage Full Gigabit Reverse poe swtich
Installation Guide
System Requirements Microsoft® Windows® for running Utility