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The advantage of PoE switch and application for IP camera system

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Update time : 2019-10-24 17:01:49
The advantage of PoE switch and application for IP camera system

PoE switch provides power and data to all PoE devices, including IP cameras, NVR recorders, computers, and VoIP phones, etc, via a single Ethernet cable (Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6). A PoE switch normally comes with multiple ports to support more than one IP camera. There are two types of PoE standards, one is IEEE802.3at, the other is IEEE802.3af. The major difference between them is that PoE+ standard (IEEE802.3at) can pump out up to 30 W per port, whereas PoE standard (IEEE802.3af) can provide up to 15.4 W per port. The question is how to choose or select the best PoE switches for your IP cameras in the perspectives of the power supply.

Understand IP Camera Power Needs

The power consumption of PoE IP cameras varies owing to different types e.g. pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, Dome IP cameras, CCTV cameras, IP cameras with IR illumination night vision, etc. PTZ camera could draw up to 20 Watts, while other IP cameras could consume as little as 3 or 4 Watts. Therefore, a PoE switch should be able to provide enough power for different types of IP camera via Cat 5 or Cat 6 cables.

IP surveillance camera

Although Security cameras, either CCTV cameras or PoE IP security cameras, are not energy-consuming as other gadgets like computers or TVs; they only need a very little electricity to work, you still need to count it in. Remember to double check your PoE IP camera power consumption either in the user manual or technical specification spreadsheet.

To provide the proper amount of power for PoE IP cameras, another important feature to look for in a PoE switch for IP cameras is its abilities to automatically adjust voltage accordingly. Many security cameras run either 12V or 24V power, if not supplied with the proper power voltage, the IP camera either won’t work or even be overloaded.

Why Use PoE Switch for IP Camera Systems?

When it comes to adopting PoE technology, some users may think it’s unnecessary to buy a PoE switch with a relatively high price. A PoE injector also can power IP cameras and save more space. However, what if there are many devices, say ten IP cameras, needing to be connected together? Under this condition, a PoE switch is the optimal choice. Besides, PoE switches also provide the following benefits for PoE IP camera systems.


Easy to management and low cost

Nowadays managed PoE switches are becoming the new trend. The more advanced, managed PoE switches allow the operating power of each camera to be controlled remotely from any point in the IP camera systems. That enables administrators to reboot any non-responding PoE IP camera without going to the camera’s location, saving cost and labor.

Long runs

Connected with a PoE switch, IP cameras can be installed anywhere, even to reach and remote locations. With a single Cat5e cable, the distance of running PoE IP camera can be up to 100m. If longer runs are required, PoE repeaters may be needed.

Resilience to power failure

Usually all IP cameras are powered from one single source (the PoE switch). Therefore attaching a central UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) to the PoE switch can ensure continued surveillance in the event of a power cut.

How to Use PoE Switch for IP Camera Systems

Some users are under the assumption the IP systems are too complex. Here we take FS.COM 8-port PoE gigabit managed switch as an example to illustrate how to connect the PoE switch with IP cameras.


Here are the steps.

Connect the router to the LAN port on the 8-port PoE switch using an Ethernet cable (cat5e or cat6);

Connect the power cable to the PoE switch and to a power outlet or surge protector.

Connect IP cameras to port 1~8 on the PoE switch using the Ethernet extension cables.

Add the cameras to the NVR to view the cameras and enable recording. If long distances are required, connect the router to the Internet.

Deploying PoE Switch for IP Camera Systems

In modern society, no matter at home, business network, or public areas, IP camera security systems are playing, and will continue to play an important role in protecting the safety of people. The combination of PoE and IP cameras can offer an ideal solution for this process.

PoE Switch for Home IP Camera System

Many consumers find the need to get a PoE IP camera system for their home, or property, deploying IP cameras may be the best choices. Cameras linked with PoE switches are convenient for users to install and eliminate unnecessary cables. With the development of IP camera systems, more intelligent IP cameras will be used in home IP security systems.

PoE Switch for Business IP Camera System

It’s no doubt that security is imperative for any business in modern society. IP camera security system offers an optimal solution to protect most businesses. Both a mid-sized company and a large company need more than one IP cameras for their IP camera security system. In this condition, the port number of PoE switches is a good solution. 24-port PoE switch may be suitable for mid-sized network, 48-port PoE managed switches can meet requirements of large businesses like international hotel or companies.

(Refer to fs.com and fiber-optic-solutions.com.)