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PoE Switch Used for Smart Building Lighting

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Author : Gxcom-Susie
Update time : 2022-11-02 12:08:00
PoE Switch Used for Smart Building Lighting

PoE technology is widely known for its application in security monitoring and surveillance. Different from common Ethernet switch,it can give power to connected device when there is no direct power supply. By using the PoE switch,it can solve the access difficulty to electricity especially in the long distance application or extreme weather environment.

There are more and more IP Camera,IP Phone and Wireless AP supporting PoE power. Besides them,the PoE switch is widely used in another filed too,that's lighting project of smart building. In the market,you can find many lighting fixtures which can support PoE power feeding too. As people known,the estate in these top cities become more and more expensive. Meanwhile,the lighting fixtures are more and more intelligent,need to control their colour,time and power. All of these brings the demands of PoE switch.

For example,we locate one PoE switch with high port density like as 16 or 24 ports inside the building. Some of its ports connect to IP Camera,some to IP Phone and some to lighting fixtures. The PoE switch is web-manageable or Layer 2 manageable,to make it workable to turn on/off the power of each port and control colour and time of lighting fixtures,it enables lighting fixtures and other Ethernet terminals to receive power and data.. In this case,the engineering staff do not need to go every location to manage each device. The working time and cost of management&maintenance reduce accordingly.

With the development of lighting industry,the lighting fixtures become more smarter and parts of them ask for much higher power. But normally,the PoE switch support IEEE802.3af/at standard (af-15.4W,at-30W),some may support power up to 60W. The power supply is not high enough for some applications.
So now,the new PoE switch model has been created and applied in the lighting project,its maximum power can be up to 90W each port.  For example,16 and 24 ports high power PoE switch support BT-90W power,the power of whole device will be high as 1500W. 

If you're running lighting project,to use the high power PoE switch can bring more competitiveness for your business.