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What's the differences between PoE switch and PoE switch with PON Port?


What’s the differences between PoE switch and PoE switch with PON Port?

As the requirements for network monitoring become higher and higher, various monitoring devices emerge one after another. These devices are all created to provide better monitoring effect. The PoE switch is not strange to us, or it’s ok if you’re freshman of it by introducing with below info.

PoE switch is actually not only a switch device but also power equipment. If there is no power supply needed, people will select the normal Ethernet switch.  But PoE switch is with both two functions-data transmission and power supply.
Caused by this power function, PoE switch can solve the application problem ‘Not easy to take electricity’ for CCTV camera, it’s the key advantage of it.
They why it can give power? Is it with internal power supply?  The answer is not, PoE switch is without internal power but PoE chip. About how does it take power, we need to know its working principle.
There is PoE power Chip inside the PoE switch. After the it connects to the camera through network cable, it can detect if this camera supports PoE power supply. If it supports, then go to next step to confirm how many powers it needs. For example, if the camera is 10W, then the PoE switch will give 10W power to it. Surely if the camera doesn’t support PoE after detection, then the PoE switch will not give power to it.
As can be seen from the above, the PoE switch must supply power to the network equipment that supports PoE. If the network equipment does not support PoE power supply, but still wants to use the network cable, then a PoE splitter must be added between them.
Speaking of this, everyone should clearly understand what PoE is.
In the following, let us introduce the PoE switch with PON port. This kind of switch is with extra PON port comparing to normal PoE switch. And the device with PON ports is normally used in PON network, which means the PoE switch with PON can be used in PON network too. That can take the advantage of PON network and save extra power wiring.
PON is passive optic network consisted by ONU, OLT and optical splitter. The ONU and OLT are connected by single fiber. The splitter is one passive device, it can split fiber to multiplex. Anyway, the PoE switch with PON is still a PON switch basically, and also can be seen as a ONU with PoE function.

The G2108P from GXCOM is one device with 8 PoE ports and 1 PON ports. PoE ports support af/at power while PON port supply 1.25G transmission rate. By using just one optical fiber to connect to OLT, it can easily extend the transmission distance up to 20km.
When the remote monitoring and large area monitoring, the PoE switch with PON port can be applied in PON network. This can not only solve the bandwidth and distance difficulty of traditional fiber transmission, but also solve the power supply for camera.
It can be said the PoE switch with PON combines PON technology and PoE technology and apply them two to the monitoring field, which promotes the development of monitoring application.