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What are the differences between normal ONU and PoE Supported ONU?


What are the differences between normal ONU and PoE Supported ONU?

The people who operated PON network must be familiar with ONU. It’s the access device
used in PON network, which can be seen as the access switch in our normal network.
PON network is passive network, the reason is that there is no need any power equipment
for the fiber transmission between ONU and OLT. PON connect to OLT through single
fiber, then OLT to ONU.

But the ONU for monitoring has its unique features, like as the GXCOM’s PoE ONU-
G2108P, It’s with 8 PoE-out ports, which is not available in normal ONU. The normal ONU
is with PON port, while G2108P is with PON and PoE port both. That makes networking
more flexible and can save the extra power supply for each camera.

The big difference between normal ONU and PoE supported ONU is – the former is just
one ONU providing data transmission, while the latter can not only transmit data but also
give power to connected camera. The difference is definite useful for some special and
extreme environment or application (for example, no available power in the nearby).

Although the PON accessing is not so popular in the security monitoring field at this moment,
but it’s expected to be in widely using under the development of safe city and smart city.