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L2 managed poe switch succeeds in application in network engineering

  The switch plays an important role in network engineering. It shoulders the burden of data exchange and transmission. Once there is no switch, many people may not be able to log in to the website or surf the Internet. Therefore, whenever people want to install network cables to access the network, they must Buy a network switch first. If it is only a local network, a home switch is sufficient. However, in some large-scale corporate communities or Internet cafes and other places that require large-scale access networks, home switches are far from meeting their usage requirements. These places have a large number of users and need to invest a lot of energy in network management, and network managed switches are born based on this demand. So what are the functions and functions of a managed switch?

1. Network management function

What is the network management function? The network management is the management of the network. Based on the network management function, the administrator can perform necessary detection and control of the users of the devices and applications connected to the network switch. Network management can be divided into two categories. One is to manage network equipment and adjust and control the running state of the entire network. The second is the detection and control of users, such as control of user management rights, control of traffic speed, network bandwidth, etc.

2. Security function

Large-scale network management switches generally have very strong defense capabilities, which can effectively prevent and resist various malicious attacks and intrusions, and ensure user information security.

3. Large data throughput

Compared with unmanaged switches for home use, large-scale managed switches are larger in size, stronger in performance, and have stronger data throughput under the same conditions, preventing data congestion and improving network speed.

4. Support multiple network control methods

Managed switches can implement a variety of network control methods, such as flow control, priority, VLAN, and ACL.