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EPON technology used in monitoring system

What are the features of EPON technology used in monitoring system?

Today, with the development of communication technology, the EPON technology has been gradually introduced to safety monitoring field. It’s one point-to-point network structure, bandwidth accessing technology through passive fiber transmission method.
Currently, the advantages of EPON technology are reflected especially in the video monitoring application. Applying the EPON to non-monitoring networking mode, can solve basic video data transmission in low cost, meanwhile it can fully play its advantage of high bandwidth, its brief and flexible characteristic can reduce the networking and maintenance cost at a whole.  
The working principle of EPON: The whole networking includes OLT and ONU. Normally, OLT is located in generator room, while the ONU is mostly installed near to the client. In the monitoring system, EPON network has below advantages.
  1. High reliability. EPON is splitter and fiber with long lifetime, without the active equipment to avoid power-off, lightning strike, overcurrent and overvoltage damage, etc. High network reliability will reduce the maintenance cost.
  2. Low cost. EPON technology is applied with single fiber transmission, which saves half of fiber than normal fiber transmission. Otherwise, there is no need to connect external power during transmission, easy to lay, basically no maintenance to save the operation and management cost.
  3. High bandwidth. 1Gmps symmetrical transmission rate can easily meet the requirement of monitoring project. The bandwidth of each ONU can be adjusted between 2M-1Gmps dynastically. The upstream bandwidth of each OLT port is around 30M, which meets IPTV need fully.
  4. High cost-efficiency. The rate of EPON can be up to 1.25Gb/s, same high bandwidth of upstream and downstream, maximum rate up to 10Gb/s, maximum transmission distance up to 20km, which make it very suitable for Metropolitan Area Network covering, can cover the range of medium-sized areas.
  5. Flexible networking. The highest optical split ratio is 1:64, using a tree network structure. Build up point to more user network topology using different splitter. By the reasonable network planning and designing, it can maximize the fiber source, solve the problem of image collection and dispersion.
Regarding to above advantages, Gxcom develop the PoE switch with PON function. The device has both PON and PoE function. When monitoring networking, the advantages of two technologies can be maximized.