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GDPOENET ONU POE succeeds in application in PON + WAN

WLAN large-scale deployment urgently needs to solve the problem
With the continuous expansion of the coverage scale of "wireless city", the number of WLAN coverage points has also increased dramatically. The problems caused by the huge number of AP, such as the difficulty of power collection, load bearing and the increase of failure rate caused by the sharp increase of the number of nodes, have brought resistance to the rapid development of "wireless city". How to speed up the development of "wireless city"? How to reduce the number of network elements and solve the difficulties of AP carrying and power retrieval? The problem is a thorny one. The main problems faced by wireless cities are as follows:
1. Multiple access scenarios and complex installation
The scope of coverage is large and the environment is complex. AP needs to be installed in a variety of scenarios. In semi-enclosed space hot spot coverage scenarios, AP mostly adopts wall-mounted or ceiling-suction type, which makes it very difficult to connect sockets; in enclosed space hot spot coverage mostly indoor distribution scenarios, AP mostly places weak electric wells or equipment rooms, generally without power supply conditions, outdoor public area hot spot coverage for parks, lawns, roads, artificial lakes similar to fully open space, power supply is difficult.
2. Rapid growth of hot spot coverage AP
The capacity of a single hot spot coverage area ranges from several to dozens or hundreds of AP, while the hot spot area expands continuously, and the WIFI coverage area expands continuously, resulting in the rapid expansion of AP distribution. A large number of AP distribution points, for electricity, data carrying demand is very strong, investment cost pressure.
3. 802.11n Scale Deployment Proposes New Requirements for Power Supply and Loading
Driven by WI-FI technology, operators generally require that all newly deployed APs support 802.11n standards, 802.11n supports POE+ for power supply requirements, and Ethernet interfaces support Gigabit capabilities.

PON + WAN solution
Aiming at the requirement of power supply and network carrying in large-scale deployment of WLAN in China, the overall solution of PON+WLAN is tailored. Different solutions are put forward according to different regions, application scenarios and bandwidth planning of WLAN deployment. A high-efficiency and high-quality POE MDU product G204P (POE) is developed and customized. The product adopts fixed-box design, and the industry takes the lead in providing 4/8 full GE interfaces to support 4/8 routes of POE./ 8-way POE/POE+power supply, providing professional POE management capabilities.
Provide different PON+WLAN solutions combined with wireless city construction.
A) Semi-enclosed hot spot coverage areas: such as waiting rooms, terminal halls, libraries and conference rooms, which are partially open: large area, weak enclosure, relatively easy wireless signal coverage; dense users, large number of potential users, and more users with single AP access. Due to the large number of users accessing single AP, using FTTB construction mode, MDU hangs down 4 to 8 AP, which can provide high bandwidth services for each AP. According to the flow rate, the bandwidth of AP over 100M can be provided, and POE + power supply can be provided at the same time.
B) Closed hotspot coverage areas: like student dormitories and offices, such as closed space: small area, strong closure, relatively difficult wireless signal coverage; users are sparse, the number of potential users is small, and the number of users accessed by a single AP is small.
This kind of scenario adopts FTTB construction mode, and the number of APs hanging under MDU is 4 to 8.
  • Outdoor public hot spot coverage areas: such as parks, main streets, community squares and other open spaces: large area, full open, wireless signal coverage is very easy; users are very sparse, the number of potential users is very small, the number of users accessed by a single AP is very small, considering that each area has a relatively long AP distance, and because AP is generally placed in the outdoor near the playground and road, MDU equipment can be used to hang down AP, the number of MDU hang down AP is less, AP power needs larger, can use POE/POE + mode to power AP.
PON +WAN Features
Compared with traditional POE switch and ONU+POE module, PON+WLAN solution has great advantages. It is simple and reasonable to set up network and saves a lot of optical fiber resources and equipment installation space. PON+WLAN solution realizes professional POE power supply by customizing G204P(POE) equipment, integrates the mainstream PON technology and WLAN technology, realizes the organic integration and unification of PON and WLAN, unifies equipment management and maintenance, and is a truly maintainable and manageable telecommunication-level solution.
The features of the scheme are as follows:
1. Supporting mainstream delivery 802.11n AP large-scale deployment with high bandwidth bearer
As a professional POE MDU, G204P (POE) implements full GE interface, realizes GE line speed switching, supports smooth upgrade to 10G PON technology, meets the large-scale deployment of 802.11n, and guarantees the increasing bandwidth requirements of users.
2. Large capacity, full GE interface to meet 802.11n scale deployment power supply requirements
G204P (POE) can provide 4-way and 8-way GE/FE adaptive interface, support POE/POE+automatic adjustment function, and meet the AP deployment of various application scenarios indoor and outdoor for operators.
3. Professional POE MDU management is the best guarantee for AP deployment at present.
Professional POE MDU provides professional POE port management, supports the detection and power supply of non-standard and non-standard PD in the current network, ensures the safety of AP power supply, reduces network complexity, and meets the unified load and management of multi-manufacturer AP.
4. Unified Network Maintenance and Management
Supporting the unified network management platform through the northward interface, and realizing the unified management of PON and WLAN products.
IV. Application and Summary
According to incomplete statistics, G204 (POE) has been widely used in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Liaoning, Hebei, Fujian, Shanxi and other provinces, becoming the mainstream power supply equipment in wireless cities. G204 (POE) not only meets the power supply and load requirements of 802.11n AP deployment, but also supports the power requirements of various mainstream AP devices in the current network. The network structure is more reasonable, which greatly reduces the network failure points, reduces the construction cost and maintenance cost, improves the investment-benefit ratio of operators, and gains the general recognition of operators. With the development of wireless city, we believe that PON + WLAN solution will get more recognition and application.