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FTTX Reverse POE Switch

8/16/24 Port FTTx gigabit 24v Reverse POE Switch

8/16/24 FTTX 24v Passive Reversed POE Switch for ISP industry
Port1-7 /1-15/1-23 are for PoE In, One port is  for PoE out,
Dc12v output
Description Specification

      Gdpoenet Reverse PoE technology has intelligent power management features to provide a centralized, uninterrupted outdoor PoE solution for FTTx ISP/WISP project. It builds a multi-user sharing network to reduce the cost for WISP in rural area. It also provides an eco-friendly solution, once one of the users initiates a network request, the ISP device is awakened to provide a timely and uninterrupted network service, while there is no request from end-users, the device turns to sleep mode and does not consume electricity. 





100M /100M+Uplink Gigabit Rpoe switch

Product Model ES100-7PD ES100-8PD ES100-8PD-3G ES100-16PD-2F ES100-16PD-4F
Ports 8FE 9FE 8FE+3G 16FE+2SFP 16FE+4SFP
PoE In 7 8 7 15 15
PoE Out 1 1 1 1 1
Port Vlan Mode Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
power ouput 24v 12v 12v 12v 12v

Full Gigaibt RPoE Switch


Product Model ES1000-8GPD ES1000-8GPD-2F ES2000-8GPD-2FM ES2000-16GPD-2FM ES2000-24GPD-2FM
Ports 8G 8G+2SFP 8G+2SFP 16G+2SFP 24G+2SFP
PoE In 7 7 7 15 23
PoE Out 1 1 1 1 1
Port Vlan Mode Yes Yes      
L2 Management     Yes Yes Yes